It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We got home from camping and by the evening had the outside lights up and the tree up and decorated! The cats were a tremendous help with making sure the beaches all smelled okay.


After several hours of work it was complete.



Some final touches.


E and I went off to holiday camps. I spent my days at the Humane Society learning about how the shelter works and how to care for pets. It was a great few days filled with learning, crafting and cats! I only wanted to adopt 12, well maybe 27, of the cats I saw!

Tuesday I came home and had to work on a project for FLVS.


I loved that they used Pokemon to explain a Cladistics example. It made it make a lot of sense!


We spent time playing with our plank blocks. My tower ALMOST reached the ceiling before it came crashing down.


Happy Thanksgiving! We kept the holiday low key this year. Dad had some work to do not he motorhome in the morning so Mom, E and I headed to Safety Harbor for the first annual Gobble Wobble 5K. We stayed at the front of the walking pack but did jog many segments. It was a lot of fun!




We made it through the entire 5K without complaining and were rewarded a bit of time to Poke hunt! This game keeps us moving for sure!



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