Blue Spring State Park

We spent several days at Blue Spring State park camping. We had a fantastic wide campsite in a quiet wooded campground. We enjoyed getting up early in the mornings and going to the springs to see the manatees. Many were up in the springs because the temperatures were so cold outside.


Friday we drove up to DeLeon Springs to go to the Old Sugar Mill pancake place. We had fun making our pancakes at our own table.



We explored De Leon Spring and tested the water temps.



Back at Blue Spring we hiked the boardwalk trails for a few hours and then headed out on an eco tour.


We had a two hours tour up and down along the St. Johns’ River. We saw a lot of wildlife including birds, alligators, turtles and fish.



Saturday was dessert for dinner. I had a rough day being a pre-teen and waffles helped make my attitude go away


On Sunday we got up super early since it was so cold out and headed out to see the manatees. The spring head was full! There must have been 15 in the waters playing and splashing. It was quite a site!





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