Wrapping up Petosky and Enjoying Nappanee

We are enjoyed out time in Petosky collecting stones and exploring the town. Dad joined us for a Kilwins Factory tour before heading out to a week long work meeting.


We got to see how they make and mix the chocolate.


We even got to go onto the production floor and see things up close. Of course we had to wear safety hair nets and blue booties on our feet.



At the end we got free samples and then bought some taffy for later. We also had ice cream, it was yummy!


I am co-pilot when Dad is on work travel. I do such a good job of helping Mom know where to turn. Sometimes I fail to do my job. I failed most of the way to Nappanee! oops!


I woke up in time to pull into Newmar’s lot and help get the motorhome set up in the parking lot. After we were set up we headed out to Rocket Science Ice Cream. All that napping in the car sure made me hungry for ice cream!



We enjoyed the factory tour when Luna was in the service bay getting her new front windshield.


Back to Coopers Common to wander and kill some time. I LOVE this billiard ball clock.


Dad got back in town and we enjoyed the Apple Festival and this 7′ wide apple pie!


We toured Amish Acres next door to Newmar. I loved the buggy ride and learning about the Amish way of life. We even got to go see Fiddle on the Roof at the town playhouse! I t was AMAZING!



One more ice cream and we say good-bye.


Our epic travels come to a close as we head south in the morning. Hoping for a peaceful drive as we pass away the miles back towards Florida. Thanks for following our spring and summer travels!

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