Petosky, Michigan

We are in the home stretch of our amazing 4 + months on the road. We are in Petosky, Michigan on Lake Michigan. The area is famous for a hexagonal coral that is found washed up on the beaches. The coral shows that this area was once under the ocean of salty water.

We arrived to a wicked strong storm but it was beautiful. The storm kicked up huge waves, knocked out the towns power and brought many pretty stones to the beach.



We have spent several hours each day combing the beach and water looking for special stones. We have found many Petosky stones and quite a few other cool rocks that have fossils or are just cool looking.

We spend time spraying and examining them in the shade of the awning.



This is my favorite find!


Mom found 3 really nice stones and is working on sanding them by hand and then will polish them when we get home.



We took spray bottles to the upper beach areas that are dry and looked for stones there too. Our best luck was in between he trees growing at the waters edge.



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