More Fundy Fun

We are hiking more and more trails and seeing all the tidal flats at both high and low tide. The Canadian parks also have these red chairs all over the place. If is like the “Find your Park” in the USA. You are supposed to find your favorite red chair views! We liked this one because the trees were shading the rain from us!


This is Pointe Wolf River and it is low tide. At high tide the water is past the line of green. It is weird to see rivers so effected by the tides.


Mom decided after seeing this bridge from the side that she doesn’t want to drive across it any more. But we did, 3 more times!


This was one of our favorite coastal trails.


They really know how to do playgrounds here in Canada. They are installing two really cool playgrounds at the campground but sadly they won’t open until after we leave Sunday. The main playground has 3 huge ziplines, lots of cool fort like structures, slides in the hills and much much more. Emmerson and I had many adventures playing out scenes from the Percy Jackson books. I am just about finished with all of the books in all of the series by Rock Riordan. No TV means more time to read!  Emmerson is on book 4 of the first series.


This is Pointe Wofle River at High tide.



And the photo above with the red chairs… this is at high tide.


I was fascinated with the holes in this tree. We watched for a few minutes and saw carpenter ants coming and going.


The last beach we explored we found a 14″ rock sculpin. It was really cool looking and I was amazed to find one so large. Sadly it was trapped when the tide went out but we were able to free it. But first E, myself AND Mom got stuck in the quicksand mud up past our ankles. E and I had a mud fight and were covered.


After cleaning up some we were granted permission to get back into the car. Mom WAS caught up on laundry! HAHAHAHAHAHA


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