Fundy National Park, Alma, New Brunswick

We were off to explore the park after we arrived yesterday and got settled. The rain hasn’t quit yet. We are still hiking in it and enjoying the cooler weather and no lightning!


This is Dickson Falls. It was an amazing water fall and a fantastic 2.4 km hike. We are learning to count kilometers instead of miles. All I know so far is that 5k is 3 miles! 🙂


There is also a BioBlitz going on in the park and we are taking photos of flora and fauna to add to the BioBlitz record logs. I loved all the banana slugs!


I have a liking for lichen!


This is called an interrupted fern. I loved it. Here they eat something called fiddleheads, they are unfurled ferns. I haven’t tried them but I am guessing they are like Brussels sprouts.


We hiked a “difficult” trail thinking it was a moderate. It had a lot of steep hills and rocks. It was a lot of fun. Mom’s knee is holding up better but she was tuckered.


There are LOTS of covered bridges in the area. This one was red!


We started a challenge for Parcs Canada. They have a 100 century club. If you hike 100km you get a reward. You have to hike 10 km at Fundy. We quickly tallied our trails and hiked over 10 in two days and were able to get the record log started. Herring Cove beach was neat. There were 158 stairs down to the beach. At high tide the water comes to the base of the stairs.


At low tide, not so much!


We had a great time looking for cool rocks and sea life.


Mom found all these really cool small snail shells and some neat looking rocks.


We also hiked Caribou Plaines and learned about moose and peat bogs.


This bog is full of peat and when it decays it acts like a fast moving quicksand and can even trap and kill moose!


We had to take a longer path since the trail was partially closed due to a broken section of boardwalk.



We found a balloon along the path and carried it to dispose of it at the end.




This is a rhododendron. It was really beautiful.


Again more liking lichen!


We have a cool fort started back in the woods behind our campsite. We are really loving being outside here in the raid but NOT enjoying all the black flies. The black flies are a nightmare!




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