St. Andrews By The Sea

Today we drove into Canada. The border crossing with quick and easy. We arrived at our amazing campsite at Kiwanis Oceanfront Camping. We really are right on the water. From the front window of the motorhome we can look out and see the ocean and the tides changing. Here is a shot of the motorhome parked in our site. The water was at high tide when we arrived.


Emmerson and I played on the rocks above the tide line until dinner. We walked downtown (less than a mile) and had a yummy seafood dinner. I had calamari.


Here is a photo of the main dock area. That boat tied up over my shoulder is the one we will go whale watching on later this week.


When we got back to the campground we walked on the public beach that appeared when the tides were going out. We found all sorts of sea life.


I LOVED this little tiny yellow snail! He was so brightly colored.


We saw water squirting up from the sand and had to investigate. After much digging and chasing we finally found it was clams! We then proceeded to dig up many and safely replace them.


I bravely dug through the exposed sea grasses and found snails and many crabs.


I named this one BIG GREENIE! He was very feisty!


Dad searched with us and then wandered off to clean up trash. We all joined in and had a huge bag full.


This is the view out the front window and we wind down our day.






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