Second Half of Park Loop

We drove the second half of the park loop in detail today. We explored the Wild Gardens of Acadia. We saw lottos rare ferns, jack in the pulpit and pitcher plants. The pitcher plants grew not he ground and not in baskets in trees like we see at home.


We explored Sand Beach at mid tide and saw “old soaker”. Old Soaker is a huge rock that is famously taken in photos because of the height the waves splash when they crash. Yesterday someone was up on the rocks between here and our next stop and fell and died while trying to get the perfect photo. Very sad.


This is Thunder Hole. I was so excited to visit but I didn’t know what it was until we arrived. Thunder Hole is a cavity int he rocks that as the tide comes int he waves pull out and then crash against it making a loud thundering sound along with a big splash in waves.


We watched as the tide got closer.



We stayed and watched the hole for almost an hour, cheering on each crashing splash.


The crowds got larger as the tide came in and we decided it was better to leave than to be swept off the rocks.


We parked and walked down to Otter Point and played more of the big rocks. Mom kept us from the edges. We watched lobster boats haul in their traps and sort through the catch. We saw that they had to throw a LOT back, probably they were too small.


Acadia has been amazing and so beautiful. I never imagined cliffs, tides and saline like we have seen this week.




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