Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire

We are staying at a 7 spot campground at Franconia Notch State Park. We set up camp and headed out to explore. We are loving all the huge mountains and the views.



We made our way to the Cannon Mountain Tramway and bought passes for the tram and the flume. Fortunately we beat the crowds and had a nice calm spacious ride up in the tram.


We stood by the front window and watched for bears. Apparently there are black bears that eat the dandelions in the ski runs.


We saw a patch of snow!


At the top we hiked the Rim Trail to the observation tower. The smell of balsam was amazing! Mom said she wanted to bottle it and take it home because it smelled like Christmas!


Winded at the top because of the elevation.


What amazing views of the mountains from up this high. I saw a sign on the way up that said you could hike down the mountain. I want to come back and do that!


E and I fought all day and drove Mom and Dad nuts. Even for photos I was a pest to him by tickling him or bunny ears.


Dad was at whits end!


Mom considered running away and taking a tram down with everyones tickets!


We made it safely back to the campground and played on the hill looking for fire flies. We only found one but it wasn’t blinking yet.


Looking down from the hill onto out campsite. It was a nice use of space. The camping spaces are all the main parking lot for Echo Lake Beach. So when all the beach people left it was very quiet.


They even had very fancy fire rings! It has the name Cannon Mountain RV park too! If you ever here it is a beautiful place to be. You can book the sites through Reserve America. Highly recommended to book early! Yankee magazine just picked this as the top freshwater spot in New England!


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