Camp Wrap Up and Pick Up

Photos from the last day of camp. The kids all put on skits.




Breighton taught the kids how to play Ninja Ninja Samurai (version of duck duck goose!) .


The boys skit involved robots attacking aliens? They were all dying aliens and the robots ruled? HUH?


Pick up day went great. Breighton was thrilled to see Emmerson and myself. It took me a while to find him but I finally did. They were in the dining hall eating breakfast. Or what I have now learned was Breighton’s meal of the day… Cinnamon Toast Crunch… three meals a day… everyday. The girls cabins went first and he said they used all the PBJ (i doubt that) so he was left with cereal since they left that out all the time and he knew he liked it. He did manage some fruits a few times and a couple of PBJs and some mac and cheese.

Breighton caught a frog in his pond stubby (mini aquariums). Well, he caught a water spider and traded it for a frog. The counselors let him keep it in his container for a few days until it was time to go home.


We had a successful drama free release into the pond.


He was apparently knee deep in this mucky pond, go figure!?



B showed off the entire camp. He loved the animal enclosures the best. He ended up taking “creepy crawlies” and “adopt an animal” for his courses. He enjoyed classes like hiking, pond studies, pottery, ZIP LINE, reptile visits, wallaby encounters and a few others. He missed 2 classes one day because he got a tummy ache and threw up a few times and had to hang out int he nurses station until they gave him the clear to return to the group. He did manage to throw up IN the dining hall! poor kid! 🙁



He waved his arms and the peacock displayed… neat.


During his free time Breighton enjoyed trips to the camp store to buy toys and candy until he over drafted his account and had to return things. Goofball! He has plans for what to buy next time. I think he will spend more wisely now that he saw how quickly he depleted his funds. But he certainly had fun doing it!


He liked the cat room and told us all how it worked. The kid in the red pants was his bunkmate Sawyer. We ended up bringing back some of Sawyers clothing. OOPS!



Breighton adopted a baby green iguana for the week. He was responsible for its total care. He had such a great time with this class.


The baby emu was another favorite.


Showing us the pastures. Boy there were a lot of animals on the campus.


B did the zip line from the top of the small tower. There were stairs to climb (didn’t have to scale the rock wall!). He said he was scared but was super brave.


After a LONG visit and tour of the campus we headed out for some protein. B picked Steak and Shake and devoured his chicken strips and applesauce like he hand’t eaten in a week. Oh wait… he really didn’t! No wonder he got that tummy ache. He finally put those piece of the puzzle together.


Overall it was a success. Breighton has some great memories. He learned a lot about people. He had a few boys that were nasty to him but he took it in stride and said that those kind of people just aren’t his friends. He also noted that by themselves the boys were nice but in a group they weren’t so nice. He liked his bunkmate a lot and hopes to see him a t future camp sessions. Yup, he wants to go back! YIPPIE!

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