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Daddy said I should keep a record of the e-mail Mommy sent me at camp along with the camp “newsletter” (Paw Prints).

First, let me say, I loved camp. Cub Creek Science Camp is insanely awesome. I had a “beyond fantastic” time.

So… Without further ado…

Sunday. Day 1.

Paw Prints:

First Day of Week 1!

Today we would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Breighton in KY cabin!

All the campers arrived safely found their cabins and their bunks. After saying hi to their new friends and counselors, everyone went on a quick tour of camp and had their cabin photo taken.

After some group games and singing, the campers went to dinner. Then the campers signed up for tomorrow’s classes and activities. Tonight’s evening activity was the Opening Campfire. Cabins showed their spirit with face paint and campers received their beads for attending camp. Lori addressed everyone and had each camper think about their dreams and fears, and what they want to accomplish during their time here at camp. Lori also talked about many of camp’s awesome new features, such as the big zipline, new kennels, artic fox, and bush baby.

Then it was back to the cabins for more getting-to-know-you time and showers. After showers, everyone went to bed to be rested and ready for tomorrow, the first day of courses!

Monday. Day 2.

E-Mail to B from Mom & Dad:


I hope you had a great 7th birthday, first day and night at camp. It certainly looks like there are lots of fun things that you will enjoy. I hope you have a very fun day today and enjoy your courses, friends and experiences.

We all love you very much. Emmerson missed you terribly. But I am sure you are glad to have a break from him annoying you.

If you get a chance please go by the internet lodge and send Mommy a quick note to let me know how much fun you are having!

We Love you! Hugs and Kisses and Pats on heads!

MOM, DAD and Emmerson

Paw Prints:
Today we would like to wish Jacob in KY a very happy birthday!

What an awesome first day of classes and courses! Today’s theme is ancient civilizations day – we had mummies, Indians, and Greeks in togas walking around! After chores and breakfast this morning, the seniors attended the two courses they signed up for. Juniors had fun class options like Tricky Pics, Wonder Knitting, Ductagami, Hike to the Glade, and Exploring one of our many animal areas.

Then everyone went to lunch and had an hour of free time where they could visit the camp store or animal areas, or send an e-mail home. After free time was siesta, where campers went back to their cabins for some restful downtime.

Third and fourth periods, the juniors attended the first day of their courses, while seniors had class options such as Riflery, Rock Climbing, Advanced Lanyards, Gemstone Quarry, and Explore the Nursery.

Then everyone signed up for their classes tomorrow, and went to dinner. The evening activity for tonight was Dutch Auction. Campers had fun working together to help their cabin achieve silly tasks such as saying the ABCs backwards, mummifying their counselors and even bringing up the entire cabin’s left shoe.

From there the campers went back to their cabins where they showered and went to bed, eagerly awaiting another day at Camp Cub Creek!

Tuesday. Day 2.

E-Mail to B from Mom & Dad:

Dear Breighton,

It looks like you are having a great time. I have seen some great photos of you on your adventures. What were you doing with the broom? I saw you got a birthday cake the other night and a little gift! HOW COOL! Hopefully you are finding some yummy things for your tummy. The food menu looks delicious. Don’t forget you can always buy a treat at the store during your free time.

I know you are super busy but If you get a chance feel free to email Mom and let us know some of the awesome things you are doing and great friends you are making. What are you doing in your free time?

Have you got to go gem mining or to the pond yet? What kind of activities have you chosen?

Hug chinchilla for us!
Hugs, Kisses and Pats on head to you!

Hopefully you get a good nights sleep tonight and have a super fun camp day.

Emmerson bought you a special treat today. He can’t wait to give it to you this weekend after camp! It’s a surprise!

We love you and miss you,
Mom, Dad and Emmerson (who is lost without you)

“One cradle rocking by the warm fire light
One child sleeping peaceful I the night
Love is the reason you’ll never feel alone
Like all the baby animals safe at home

One baby otter in the cradle of the sea
Two baby owls in the hollow of a tree
Three baby fawn in the forest where they’ve grown
And all the baby animals are safe at home “

Paw Prints:

We had another great day at Camp Cub Creek. The theme of the day today was pioneer day, and we saw a lot of costumes with flowered bonnets and cowboy hats, with many of the campers sporting silver sheriff stars. After breakfast the campers were able to start doing their courses and classes. The Seniors were busy taking care of their animals in their adopt an animal courses, others got to practice on their aim in archery and riflery, while some even got to see how to check the health of the animals in Jr Vet. The Juniors also had a lot of fun and were busy making tie dye shirts, potpourri, and Puff Ball animals, as well as having some fun with the real animals!

After lunch everyone went to siesta where they got to rest up for the next periods.

Third and fourth periods, the juniors got to check on their own adopt an animals, work on their art in pottery and practice cooking in culinary sciences. The senior classes today consisted of senior girls caving, face painting, and even smoothie making.

Afterwards they signed up for the next days classes and got ready for evening activity.

Tonight was the boys camp out so during the 2nd and 4th periods the junior and senior boys made their own foil packs for dinner and then headed out to the camp sites. There they heated up their foil packs and then made a delicious dessert. Afterwards they cooled off in the pool and returned to the camp sites, where they enjoyed a night out under the stars with s’mores and great company.

The girls, they had their own fun with pizza for dinner, ice cream and movie night!

Wednesday, Day 3

Email to B from Mom & Dad:


Looks like you had another great day at camp. We see that you went bug hunting? AWESOME! We bet you really liked that.

We hope you had a great time on the campout last night. It looked like so much fun.

Enjoy your activities today.

We all miss you and love you very much.

Daddy said all your pets are doing great.

See you in a few days! Isn’t this a nice break from Emmerson bothering you? He really does miss you and can’t wait to see you this weekend.

Mom, Dad and Emmerson

Paw Prints:
It was another great day today at Cub Creek!

Last night, we were able to witness the Venus transit, a once in a lifetime experience!

Today’s theme day was Bug Day, and the evening activities were camp out for the girls and movie night for the boys. There is also a survival camp out for those who wanted to build their own shelters and start a fire on their own! Some of the exciting classes offered today included Canister Rockets, Realistic Fake Wounds, Wallaby Encounters, Archery, and Water Scopes.

We’re ready for another awesome day tomorrow, Fairy Tale Day!

Thursday, Day 4

Email to B from Mom & Dad:

WOW it looks like another AWESOME day for you! We see you held a scorpion! You are so brave. We don’t think we could hold one. We really wish we could have pet that cute wallaby you were with as well. And we see you found things in the fossil pit!

What amazing opportunities you are having. I hope bug day was fantastic! Did you like your bug package? How was your camp out? You must have been cold this morning that we see you in photos wearing long pants and shirt. Florida boy, huh?

You are so handsome in your photos. Try to seek out that camera more so we can see what you are up to! Remember when you smile for the camera we can see it at night when they post the photos.

We love you very much and can’t wait to see you soon. Emmerson has some fun things planned for when you get out of camp.

BY the time you read this I think you only have 2 nights left? WOW! Time is going by fast.

See you SUPER soon,

Mom, Dad and Emmerson

Paw Prints:
It’s Thursday already! How this week has flown!

A very happy birthday to Gracie from Tennessee today!

With only two more days left, campers made sure to make the best of their time. Today’s theme was fairy tale day and the evening activity for today is Circle of Life, where a variety of unique animals are brought to each cabin so that every camper has the chance to encounter new animals. Outdoor Cooking, Fire Starting, Rockets, Rainbow in a Jar, Seedy Buddies, and Surgery were some of the awesome classes offered today! Can’t wait for tomorrow, Under the Big Top Day!

Friday, Day 5
Email to B from Mom & Dad:


Wow, camp is nearly over! Mommy and Emmerson will see you in the morning on Saturday! I hope your time at camp has been amazing and we can’t wait to hear all about it! It looks like you had another fun day on a reptile hike and making a coil pot! Daddy and Mommy both remember making coil pots at camp when we were your age! You must be cold in the mornings as we see you were in long sleeves again.

We have a fun weekend planned here in St. Louis when you are all done. Emmerson has picked a few places as MUST dos for you!

Don’t forget to have loads of fun on your last day! Try something new. Write down your friends email addresses so you can keep in touch!

We love you and miss you so much. We will see you tomorrow! I hope you have a FUN-tastic last day at camp.

Mom, Dad and Emmer-bemmer

Paw Prints:
It’s Friday! Can’t believe camp is almost over.

After breakfast, campers went to their last four periods of classes and courses. Campers enjoyed water rockets, lanyards, gemstone quarry, equine adventures, and even bug eating today!

Campers then made their last visits to the camp store and ate dinner in the dining hall for the last time. After Skit Night tonight, campers will pack their bags ready for a bright and early morning for tomorrow’s farewells to Cub Creek!

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