4H Garden Time

It is 4H time again! I got a relatively easy plot this year. We got it weeded and fertilized in one day. The next week Mommy spent a long time putting up my new fence (in the rain!). She even helped me install a gate so that Emmerson doesn’t have to step over the fence all the time. This week we planted an eggplant! It is called a “fairy tale” eggplant and it supposed to be both purple and white on the edible parts! I have a few new friends at the garden so this year is looking to be super fun!


I have already started working on my project book. I am doing one called “Creepy Crawlies” and it is all about bugs. The first project was to build a bug from stuff around the house. I worked really hard to make this guy.


He even has compound eyes.


I think he most resembles a fly!


I am also in another 4H club this year, Brooker Creek Explorers. It is a new club and I am really excited because it is all outdoors and we get to hike and explore nature. I am doing a Forestry book for that club. Mommy isn’t sure where we will fit in school work this year with all these clubs and activities!!!


Today was my first archery class. As you can see I am quite a bit smaller and younger than the other kids in the class. I was very eager to try something new.

photo 1

Coach Rick helped me knock the arrow and hold the bow correctly. The bow was huge and I couldn’t draw it back. The equipment was meant for much older kids.

photo 2

I tried a few more times and then Mommy drove home and brought me the bow that Daddy bought this summer for me.

photo 3

With the new bow I hit the target nearly every time! I was so proud of myself. Someday I hope to get a bulls-eye!

Florida Aquarium

We went to the Florida Aquarium today. We got to see a cute penguin.


I entered a game and had to dress like an otter.


Mommy was a good sport and played dress up as well. I won the contest hand got a cool otter pin!


This roseate spoonbill was so friendly.


I thought the catfish were hilarious! Wherever I walked they followed me in this position.


It is good to take a break and be a hermit crab every now and then.


Leafy sea dragons are the BEST!


I made Mommy take pictures of all of the seahorses.



I love the bubble window.


On the way out of the aquarium I grabbed a coconut palm tree and managed to get over 50 splinters. Mommy stood in the parking lot removing most of them while I screamed like I was being murdered. Mommy did a great job but I was exhausted. We came home and soaked my hands for a while and then Daddy tried to remove some of the splitters. I wasn’t have it! Mommy tried again and kept at it until her ears could take no more. She got all the bits and pieces out and I am happy once again. Way too much drama over the splitters I think!

Swimming Lessons, Friends and Fish

After many years of botched swimming lesson attempts, I finally ASKED to take lessons. I am taking private lessons and having a great time. My coach is fantastic with me. Mommy gets to watch from the bleachers upstairs at the Long Center.


I try my hardest to sit still and behave. I know I drive my coach nuts but I am actually listening and learning.


I am also taking karate lessons now. No one has been in my class yet. It is like taking private lessons right now. I am really getting the hang of it and practice on Mommy any chance I get! She isn’t too happy with that though. After class I met my new friend, Vaughn, at the playground. I finally have someone my size to see-saw with!


I also got a new fish this week. My old ones died. This is my new double tail beta. I named him “Scarab” and his nickname is “Goldie Egypt”.


Here is his tank!