Swimming Lessons, Friends and Fish

After many years of botched swimming lesson attempts, I finally ASKED to take lessons. I am taking private lessons and having a great time. My coach is fantastic with me. Mommy gets to watch from the bleachers upstairs at the Long Center.


I try my hardest to sit still and behave. I know I drive my coach nuts but I am actually listening and learning.


I am also taking karate lessons now. No one has been in my class yet. It is like taking private lessons right now. I am really getting the hang of it and practice on Mommy any chance I get! She isn’t too happy with that though. After class I met my new friend, Vaughn, at the playground. I finally have someone my size to see-saw with!


I also got a new fish this week. My old ones died. This is my new double tail beta. I named him “Scarab” and his nickname is “Goldie Egypt”.


Here is his tank!


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