Florida Aquarium

We went to the Florida Aquarium today. We got to see a cute penguin.


I entered a game and had to dress like an otter.


Mommy was a good sport and played dress up as well. I won the contest hand got a cool otter pin!


This roseate spoonbill was so friendly.


I thought the catfish were hilarious! Wherever I walked they followed me in this position.


It is good to take a break and be a hermit crab every now and then.


Leafy sea dragons are the BEST!


I made Mommy take pictures of all of the seahorses.



I love the bubble window.


On the way out of the aquarium I grabbed a coconut palm tree and managed to get over 50 splinters. Mommy stood in the parking lot removing most of them while I screamed like I was being murdered. Mommy did a great job but I was exhausted. We came home and soaked my hands for a while and then Daddy tried to remove some of the splitters. I wasn’t have it! Mommy tried again and kept at it until her ears could take no more. She got all the bits and pieces out and I am happy once again. Way too much drama over the splitters I think!

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