Lake Erie—Frozen?

Grandma Susie, Uncle Matt, Emmerson, Mommy, Great Granny and me went to Lake Erie to view the frozen lake. It was amazingly cool to see the huge ice hunks.

Family at the lake




I was fascinated with the way that the ice broke apart into little crystals.


Uncle Matt showed me how to skip stones out onto the ice. We opted for throwing them.

Lake Erie was frozen. Guess we never spent winters there... neither Matt nor I remember seeing it frozen

Good thing he had a firm grip on my hand. I probably would have fallen in! 🙂


Huge chucks of ice.


See all the crystal columns.

Frozen solid chucks

smash smash… very cool!

Ice chunks smashed appart. They made awesome looking ice crystals!

What a wonderful view. We brought back rocks to paint and a few shoes full of freezing cold sand.

Brrrrrr! Lake Erie!

I am really glad that I can share this with my Granny and Great Granny. I can’t wait to go back in the summer and try to catch a frog!