VERY Bad Choices

So far we just have that my brain shut off for a while. Long enough for me to give Emmerson a haircut. This was half of what I cut off. Mommy and Daddy were NOT happy.


Emmerson’s hair now sits about 2 inches off his shoulders. It was at his shoulders this morning.


I am having a hard time coping with the punishment. I had to write an apology letter to Emmerson and then a 100 word essay about what happened. So far I am 40 words into it and because of my constant complaining it is up to 120 words that are now to be written.

I also had to go to bed tonight with no stuffed animals in my bed. I also have to sleep with my nightlight off tonight as well.

Silly Fun Days

We had a great day doing arts and crafts with Mommy. It was incredibly hot outside so we stayed in to play. I haven’t finger painted in ages so it was SO much fun.


I loved the feeling of the paint on my hands and chest.



I liked the color that I made.


After we got cleaned up we set up my old slot-car track. We spent the afternoon and evening racing cars and seeing who could launch them off the track the furthest!


Off Day

Today I woke up and everything was just fine. I finished my 4H journal and got everything ready to turn in to Ms. Jean at the meeting tonight. Mommy went to serve us lunch around noon and I had a slight fever and a head to toe rash. I was bright red and splotchy.


My back.


My chest.


My legs.


After phone calls back and forth to my doctor Mommy was instructed to give me some Benedryl. She dosed it up and came into my room to give it to me and the rash was GONE! No fever, no rash and I was feeling perfect. Mom gave it a bit of time and then opted to go to 4H since I had no symptoms. We harvested some veggies at the garden and then I threw up. We loaded up the car and headed home and I slept the entire way home, about 40 minutes. When we got home I woke up and was perfectly fine again. No other symptoms. Oh well, I guess I get strange illnesses!