The Elf on the Shelf


Grandma Jo bought Emmerson and me and “Elf on the Shelf” for a gift. We named him Ollie. Basically, he watches us all day and then flies back to Santa each night to report in on our behavior. When he returns to the house he hides in a new spot to watch from for the next day. When we get up in the morning we have to hunt down Ollie. I love talking to him and telling him all my wishes for the holidays.

Ollie has enjoyed hiding up high on window ledges, fire place mantels, chandeliers, the glass shelf above the piano and today on the weights for the coo-koo clock. He even peed green in the potty at Grandma Jo’s house!

Asheville, NC Holiday Parade

We left a day early to head to Asheville so we could get there in time for the holiday parade. We went to town early, ate breakfast and staked out a good spot for the parade. Mom bought us some popcorn to munch while we passed away the time.


Daddy bought some ginger cookies at a bakery across the street. Yummy!


We got bored and kept running all around the road once it was closed for cars. Some kids had bubble machines so we chased their bubbles for a while as well.


There were over 100 participating groups in the parade. The unicycles were cool.


I like the llamas as well.


There were some little girls dressed as reindeer and they made me smile and dance! I think that was the highlight of the parade for me. It started to get loud as the bands passed plus this was an extremely long parade. I started to cover my ears and tell Daddy I was done and wanted to leave.


We left after a few more floats. We missed the last 15 but we didn’t have to battle traffic when we left!

Happy Thanksgiving

Not sure why the camera didn’t come out more in the house over our vacation. We did puzzles, played games, played at my fort and hiked. Uncle Matt came over for the entire day to Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie’s house. We had a nice lunch, of which I ate NOTHING! I loved snuggling with Uncle Matt and reading books.


After lunch Mom, Dad, Emmerson, Uncle Matt and I went on a hike around the lake. I made it the entire way without complaining, excpet the last 50 yards! The last bit was up a steep hill.


Being a total goof with my “piece of a continent” that I found and decorated as he hiked.


I had an awesome visit with my Grandparents and Uncle. I needed the break! I needed the cooler weather! I needed the outdoors time.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Out and About With Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt flew in from California for a few days to visit. It worked out well because he got to see his friends that live in Asheville and our family.

We went to Health Adventure, one of my favorite places to go, and had a fun time playing in the Blue Man Group exhibit. I loved making all sorts of noise on the air tubes.


This one was like a trombone!


The momentum exhibits were neat as well. I loved running back and forth and launching balls on the roller coaster!


For the first time this inside the human exhibit was up and running. I stood for a good 15 minutes and listened to the entire show.


The next day we went to the WNC Nature Center. I loved showing Uncle Matt all the animals. After all, I am a professional animal tour guide!


I loved the mounted bug wall. For some reason I am really interested in mounted bugs and really want to mount some of my own someday.


We pet the goats and had a few short goat-type conversations.


I really liked visiting with Uncle Matt. He is one cool uncle! Even if he kept turning into a monster and chasing me!


Mommy said this may explain a lot about Emmerson and me. Hatched from an egg, huh?


A two headed bobcat?


We even got to see the owl show. This poor owl only had one wing because it flew into the windshield of a car in 1998.


The highlight of the day… a peacock!!! Do you know that male peacocks fluff out their feathers and are GORGEOUS!?


I tried my hardest but it wouldn’t display his feathers!


Alpaca Farm

Mommy and Daddy read about a neat Alpaca Farm tour so we drove 45 minutes to check it out. The roads were twisty and unpaved for a way. We got there as they were leading to alpaca out to a viewing pen.


They were funny looking creatures. The brown one kept kicking the ground because one of the owners was picking something off his fur.



We went inside where I saw a lady spinning the alpaca fur into yarn. That was about it. It was quite a disappointment.