Happy Thanksgiving

Not sure why the camera didn’t come out more in the house over our vacation. We did puzzles, played games, played at my fort and hiked. Uncle Matt came over for the entire day to Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie’s house. We had a nice lunch, of which I ate NOTHING! I loved snuggling with Uncle Matt and reading books.


After lunch Mom, Dad, Emmerson, Uncle Matt and I went on a hike around the lake. I made it the entire way without complaining, excpet the last 50 yards! The last bit was up a steep hill.


Being a total goof with my “piece of a continent” that I found and decorated as he hiked.


I had an awesome visit with my Grandparents and Uncle. I needed the break! I needed the cooler weather! I needed the outdoors time.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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