Asheville, NC Holiday Parade

We left a day early to head to Asheville so we could get there in time for the holiday parade. We went to town early, ate breakfast and staked out a good spot for the parade. Mom bought us some popcorn to munch while we passed away the time.


Daddy bought some ginger cookies at a bakery across the street. Yummy!


We got bored and kept running all around the road once it was closed for cars. Some kids had bubble machines so we chased their bubbles for a while as well.


There were over 100 participating groups in the parade. The unicycles were cool.


I like the llamas as well.


There were some little girls dressed as reindeer and they made me smile and dance! I think that was the highlight of the parade for me. It started to get loud as the bands passed plus this was an extremely long parade. I started to cover my ears and tell Daddy I was done and wanted to leave.


We left after a few more floats. We missed the last 15 but we didn’t have to battle traffic when we left!

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