Hiccup the Viking

Happy Halloween from Hiccup the Viking from How To Train Your Dragon. For the last 6 months I have wanted to be a griffin (half lion half eagle). Mommy worked very hard on my costume and was almost done. I then switched gears and wanted to be Hiccup from my favorite movie. Mommy caved since she was out of time to finish the costume. She said I will be a griffin for Christmas! Funny Mommy!    


The battle ax did NOT make the rounds tonight because Mommy was afraid it would end up hitting other people. I went to my friends house and we went in a group to go trick-or-treating. We did 41 houses in just under 45 minutes. Around house number 35 I was running with my pirate friend and we collided and I went skidding across the ground. My costume got ripped in the knee and I have a nasty skinned knee. Halloween should not be a tearful time but for me it was. After a quick stop to visit Grandma and Grandpa, Mommy brought me home. I felt a bit better when we got home so Daddy took Emmerson and I out for three streets in our neighborhood. Lots of candy… yum yum yum.


Halloween Fun

We started off the morning with some of Daddy’s pancakes with a Halloween twist.


Pumpkins and bats…


Almost ready


Not sure what we are doing here… ready to dive in!




All GONE! Mommy said it was less than 2 minutes!


Our pumpkins. I designed this one myself! It is a vampire!


Emmerson wanted an owl.


We both wanted a bat.


This was supposed to be a ghost and say BOO on the side but the pumpkin didn’t cooperate with Mommy.




Happy Halloween 2010!

NC Arboretum and My Fort

We had a nice time walking around at the NC Arboretum. The plants were so beautiful.


Being silly. Mommy’s three favorite boys! 🙂


There was a flower show going on inside and I didn’t touch or break anything!


We took another hike in the woods.


Off we go again!


The grumpiness has set in and the defiance that comes with lack of sleep. I have been ungrateful and snippy for a few days. I am sure Grandma and Grandpa will be looking forward to the silence when we leave! Emmerson has been on my nerves and all together it just made me GRUMPY.

Mommy let me have some ME time to build in my fort while she entertained Emmerson. Daddy helped me work on my teepee.


Things are really looking great in my fort.


So happy that I can climb inside the new teepee!


My mood calmed down a bit before we left but I am still exhausted! A few days unwinding back home should do me some good.

Car Issues on Vacation

So of course Mommy and Daddy thought about the mini-van all night long and how last time the battery died it did this same weird thing on Mommy. We opted to just load up the car and head to Sears and get a new battery, even though Honda said it was fine. Mommy, Grandma Jo, Emmerson and I wandered the mall next door while Daddy dealt with the car. When Daddy caught up with us I wanted to do the super jump thing again. I did it last year but barely bounced.


I was ALL about the jumping this year.


When I would push off the trampoline below me I would add a very loud “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” every time. Mommy was laughing so hard but I was having SO much fun.



We headed back to Sears when it was time to pick up the mini-van. It was not ready yet. Of course when they went to pull it around to check the battery it was dead again! So we got a new battery and were on with the show. While we waited we watched football on TV.


Not quite sure about football… the crackers were better.


Our Day Long Outing in the Name of AUTUMN

Since in Florida we really don’t get much of fall/autumn we planned a nice day out with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie to see and do all things of the season.

We started at Hickory Nut Gap Farm and saw a few farm animals. For some reason I was terrified of the chicken.


The pigs were really funny. I wanted to know why they looked so clean when they lived in the mud.


The had two baby cows. They were so soft.


HUGE horse tried to eat my hand. I was pretending to feed it apples… my own fault, huh?


We went into the corn maze as well. They had questions that ou had to answer to get a clue of which way to go.


Off I go!


I am there somewhere… the little red dot!


I found a side way out and figured we were done. I was more interested in going to get a pumpkin!


Mommy made us pose for MORE pictures!


We didn’t find any pumpkins that we liked so we opted for a apple cider-cicle! YUMMY!



One last shot and then on the road to the NC Farmers Market to look for pumpkins.


We found an amazing booth that had tons of different pumpkins and other gourds.


I picked out a HUGE pumpkin but Mommy talked me into a “ghost pumpkin” that was all white!


These were the coolest looking gourds!


Picking out my ghost pumpkin with Daddy.


We stopped to grab some pizza to go on the way back to the house to drop off the goods from the market. The mini-van freaked out and the car would not start back up. We got a jump from a nice employee at the restaurant and zipped back to the house and dropped things off and then headed to Honda to have the car checked out. Honda said there was nothing wrong with the battery so we loaded up and went in search of non-pasturized apple cider and a few apples to pick.

I LOVEd picking apples and sampling them as I went along.


Score! Nice apples!


I found as apple tree hide-out. We hunkered down and snacked on our treats.




All done and headed back to the car.