Car Issues on Vacation

So of course Mommy and Daddy thought about the mini-van all night long and how last time the battery died it did this same weird thing on Mommy. We opted to just load up the car and head to Sears and get a new battery, even though Honda said it was fine. Mommy, Grandma Jo, Emmerson and I wandered the mall next door while Daddy dealt with the car. When Daddy caught up with us I wanted to do the super jump thing again. I did it last year but barely bounced.


I was ALL about the jumping this year.


When I would push off the trampoline below me I would add a very loud “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” every time. Mommy was laughing so hard but I was having SO much fun.



We headed back to Sears when it was time to pick up the mini-van. It was not ready yet. Of course when they went to pull it around to check the battery it was dead again! So we got a new battery and were on with the show. While we waited we watched football on TV.


Not quite sure about football… the crackers were better.


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