Ochs 4H Garden Club

Emmerson, Mommy and I started the garden last week. We got all the weeding done and one wheelbarrow full of manure spread. We sadly ran out of time. Today we went back as a family to get the garden all ready for planting next week. It was beastly hot outside today. It was in the mid 80s but there was no shade or breeze so it just was stagnant. I helped, and complained and then helped some more. I even remembered to clean off the tools after I was done with them.


Daddy and Mommy did the physical labor with fetching the loads of manure and then mulch.


I tried to help with the pitchfork but it was a bit too hard for me. This was really hard work!


After a long while of complaining and moaning and groaning we managed to get the work done. Mommy and Daddy assured me that this will be one of the warmest days and the hardest work days. We got the garden fully weeded, manured and the walkways mulched. It looks awesome. Mommy forgot to take a picture of the finished work from today. We will post one later next week when we visit the garden again.

I have my garden layout all planned. Next week we plant our eggplant. Daddy and I are also going to build some little corner markers for our plot to help identify our boundaries a bit better. We also need to build a structure for the peas to grow up. Mommy is going to help me make some signs to mark where we planted things. Oh yeah, I have to find things to make a mini scarecrow with for October. I also need to start selling apples and pecans for our fundraiser. I guess I have a lot of work to do! 🙂

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