Homeschool Day at the Florida Aquarium

Today was “Homeschool Day” at the aquarium. We got in for $5 each! Such a deal! 🙂 We arrived earlier enough to see the penguin show. I really liked the penguins. I learned that they have a bowl movement every 15 minutes and can shoot it up to four feet! They also make a sound like a braying donkey when they are happy.


We were not allowed to touch the penguins but they did bring them around for us to see. I got about 1.5 feet away from this one. It was very neat!


I was watching the sharks in the BIG tank. Emmerson was trying to find turtles.


We found a roseate spoonbill. It was so close we could have touched it. It kept splashing water all over the crowd.


We loved the touch tank. I had to make sure that I touched each and every thing that I could possibly touch. I also visited the stingray touch tank and got to touch a few things there.


We sat for a long time and watched a HUGE school of fish swimming all over in the “tube” area.


After a quick lunch we hit the water area. I was soaked to the bone rather quickly. We played for about an hour and a half and then got cleaned up and went back inside to look at the sharks again.


My behavior was awesome and I listed very well all day long. At the end of the trip I got to buy a gift from the shop. I picked out an otter. I love him very much. He is obviously stuffed and not real.

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