My ONE Day Turtle Pet

On the way to the playground tonight we found a turtle in the middle of the road. We rescued it and saw no water around so we brought it home for me to keep as a pet.

Once he got into his tank and acclimated we discovered that it was a Red Eared Slider. Apparently this type of turtle was banned in 2007 and you are not allowed to have them as pets. You are also not allowed to let them go into the wild. So here we are stuck with an animal we can’t keep and can’t get rid of!!!!


I enjoyed my turtle… i named it CRUSH. Mommy called Fish and Wildlife and they said because we picked it up with the intent to save it that we should let it go in a freshwater pond in the area.


Today after Emmerson’s nap we took Crush up to the pond near Grandma Susie’s house and let him go. Mommy was so proud of me for being such a big boy about letting him so. I now call myself an “animal rehabilitator”.

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