Disney Family Vacation Day 2

Today we went to Animal Kingdom. Daddy pushed Emmerson in the stroller while the rest of us took the shuttle in from the parking lot.


I really enjoy our holiday vacations. I especially love them when I get to ride the shuttle in! 🙂


The Dinosaur portion of Animal Kingdom even had holiday hats on all the dinosaurs. It made me laugh, a LOT!


We spent the day at this park and saw many animals. I like to play the midway games and win stuffed animals while Grandma and Grandpa are riding the roller coaster! 🙂 I also like to ride the Triceratops Spin until they kick me off.

After a fun morning we returned to the campground for some rest and relaxation. I got to go ride the ponies. Always a MAJOR highlight of my trip.


This pony was named Snickers! 🙂


After ponies we played on the playground for nearly an hour! I am learning how to swing on my own. I don’t QUITE have it figured out yet but at least I am trying!


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