Annual Family Disney Holiday Trip

We hit the ground running at EPCOT the first day. I love my floppy hat! Grandma Jo couldn’t keep up with me!


I really liked looking at all the pretty flowers. I was SO tempted to pick them, but I behaved. I love to pick florida for Mommy.


trying to get a good picture with Grandma and Grandpa but I entered silly mode.


They have this neat exhibit by “Velcro”. You could piece together Velcro objects to decorate a FROG! I thought this was really fun and right with my interests in all things animals!


Grandma Jo bought me a wooden cobra. I thought it was really funny to put it around Grandpa’s neck, he HATES things on his neck!


Grandma Jo and I explored all over the gardens while Emmerson had a snack with Mommy.


Look at me run, can you catch me?


Come on Grandma Jo I am getting ready to lap you!


Still running! I ran for a good 30 minutes and never tired.


We stayed at EPCOT for the Candlelight Processional. I still greatly enjoy the show. All the loud horns bother me still but I like the singing.


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