San Francisco & Pier 39

We packed all of our bags and headed towards Sn Francisco. The first day we went to Pier 39 and walked around.

I LOVED the sea lions!!! A LOT!

They made me laugh when they flopped up on the floating platforms.

One even floated on his back for a while.

I really enjoyed them.

Then we headed to grab some lunch and walk to Ghirardelli Square to get an ice cream.

We poked around town a bit more and headed to the hotel to check in. There was a huge error at the hotel and Uncle Matt quickly found another place for us to stay that was INCREDIBLE!

I got in BIG trouble with Mommy and made her cry. I was tired, hungry and majorly cranky and just being a butt-head towards Mommy and Emmerson when Daddy went to go get us dinner.

Night night early for a BIG day tomorrow at the California Academy of Sciences.

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