Boreal Play Day

I wanted to play in more snow and after a few miscommunications we headed to Boreal Snow Park to play on the kiddy sled (tube) hill. Uncle Matt was such a sport and took me up and down the hill a zillion times.

We rode together until I was comfortable.

This is so much fun!!

Finally, I was ready to go on my own.


Ready to go again!

Okay, I am having a LOT of fun!!!!

Then I discovered there were different colored sleds. I had to try each color!


I needed a break for some play with the other kids. Mommy said to be careful that the hill was VERY slippery and steep.

Did I listen?? NO!

A few more trips down the hill on the sled.

Uncle Matt joined in on the fun!

Crazy slide.

One last run…


Matt going again.

Then I gave up and wanted to play more with the other kids. I helped one boy make a snowman.

He did all the work. I just supervised the construction!! It came out okay!

Mommy tried, to no avail, to get me interested in the snowboarders on the hill.

I just wanted to go play in a puddle and make “soup”.

I made lots of new friends. He hugged good-bye. She was a cutie!

Back to the house to warm up and relax. Uncle Matt won some silly “scary teeth” from the machine at the grocery store. I thought they were pretty neat!

To bed early again on the sofa. We are off to San Francisco in the morning!

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