California Academy of Sciences and the site of the old Sutro Baths

I think the Academy of Sciences was by far my favorite part of San Francisco.

I loved all the fish.

Mommy helped me find frogs and other things hiding in the cages.

I loved the touch tank. I did great just touching with two fingers.

Ewwwww, slimey!!!

This was one funny looking starfish!!

I learned a lot about animals.

Mommy and I played “Hunt for animals in the tank”.

I could barely hold still. I wanted to explore!!!!

Look Daddy… a TURTLE!


They were FUNNY!

I even got to see them eat lunch!

After penguins we wandered around and looked at some of the displays. This one really scared me and bothered me. I didn’t like the dead deer.

Then, with all my stress over the dead deer, Daddy made me pose by the scary gorilla!!! AHHHHHH!

I wanted to take this green frog home. I also wanted to take home the albino alligator, mudskippers and many many many other things I saw.

The roof of the building is a living roof. Very neat to see all the different plants.

Uncle Matt and Mommy showed me around.

This building was HUGE.

Daddy and Uncle Matt went to the planetarium while Emmerson and I hung out with Mommy at the play-area. What a neat place. I hid all the stuffed animals in trees and made lunch for everyone with pretend food.

Afterwards we explored the library portion and saw many more animals, fossils and artifacts.

That is one big gorilla hand.

Matt told me all about the rocks and snakes.

I investigated in the science boxes using a magnifying glass.

We wrapped up with a yummy lunch and called it quits at the museum. Time to stretch our legs and go for another hike. This time to the OCEAN!

We took a long walk down to the water and a CAVE!

This is the place where the old Sutro Baths used to be.

Checking out the CAVE!!

Very neat view.

Daddy got a GREAT shot of it!

After the cave, Uncle Matt, Mommy and I went on a hike over the old bath-house walls. Daddy and Emmerson stayed on solid ground and took the easy way up. Smart move! This was a tough trek because one wrong step and I would tumble down the hill or into the water.

While I was out on the wall Daddy found a spider web in the ruins of Sutro.

Out the wall…

We took a break part was through.

Hiking around almost at the hill

Beautiful view.


But worth the effort for that amazing view.

Looking back at what he climbed up.

I found a dandelion. But it wouldn’t work.

Uncle Matt fixed it for me.

We loaded up the car again and headed to the beach (just down PCH across from Golden Gate Park). I had to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean!

I got stripped down to my undies.

I loved the dirt like sand.

A quick toe in the water.

Then back to the sand.

Running back to the sand after Mommy just washed me off…

A sand angel!

We headed back to town for dinner. Uncle Matt felt bad that he encouraged me to drink a lot of water because I threw up all over at the Ethiopian restaurant. Oh well! Mommy got me cleaned up and all was fine. We hit the hotel and I fell asleep nearly instantly. Tomorrow Muir Woods!!!

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