Disney and Oktoberfest

A few weeks back we took Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie with us to the “EPCOT Food and Wine Fest”. I downed a LOT of chocolate and popcorn.


I am really into pin trading, as mentioned in a previous post. I got a bunch of new Lilo & Stitch pins. I was showing Grandma Jo some of my neat finds.


Last weekend we went to the Oktoberfest at Dunedin Highlander Park. This is where Mommy & Daddy had gone on their first “not-so-date” date. I enjoyed a few games of fishing.



I caught a LOT of sharks!


I wanted a prize from the balloon booth but the throwing of darts was scary. So Mommy took over and won a few prizes.


She tried to get me to toss just ONE!


Eventually I came and tried.


What FORM! Wait, maybe not! At least Mommy popped enough to get me a cool iguana stuffed animal. I also won a snake (that needed surgery upon arriving at home, it had a hole!), an alligator, a fish and a neat baton with sparkly strings on it.


I tried the “coin fountains” but didn’t win anything. I burst into tears because I am having a hard time understanding that you don’t win something every time! It was all fixed by a Tootsie Roll, delivered by Mommy.


I tried fishing one more time!


Always an ego booster.


I had a lot of fun and didn’t even do any rides.

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