Fun Morning

I met my friend Sammie at Celebration Station for a Sukkot Celebration. I went on a TON of rides, including bumper boats, go-karts, tea cup like thing, swings and we played putt-putt. When we got home I was kind of grumpy. Daddy ran up to Grandma Jo’s to work on her computer and Mommy put Emmerson down for a nap. I laid down on the sofa and requested cartoons. A few minutes later I told Mommy I was hot and stripped out of my clothing. Mommy took my temperature and I am a bit warm (100.4). Then I told Mommy that the sofa was itchy and I needed a pillow. So she got me a pillow to lay on. Then I wanted my Curious George blanket and POPCORN! Mommy took care of my needs. After my popcorn I took my pillow to the floor and told Mommy I was cold and asked for help putting my clothing back on. TWO minutes later this was the result:


I fell asleep with a graham cracker in my hand. Poor me!

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