Driveby tag????

Okay, I’m thinking it’s time to move.  Either that or our park/playground is going down hill.  Or is it society as a whole?  Probably the latter.  🙁  Bad parental and grandparental generations!  Shame on you for letting society become what it is today.

I was at the playground and there was a very rude and mean bunch of kids (middle school) playing there for a post football party.  (I won’t list off all the rudeness and atrocities, but they included monopolizing the equipment, beating on a sweet handicapped younger brother of one of the boys at the party, and having a massive water balloon fight and soaking people who weren’t with the party).  

Anyway, the point isn’t that they were rude and mean.  Get this.  Mommy dragged me away as this game started but I still overheard it.

They played “tag”.  Copacetic so far.  But, as they ran all around the equipment playing tag, if someone shouted “drive by” everyone had to dive to the ground.  The last one to get prone on the ground became a punching bag and everyone got to come over and hit them.

They were doing this in full view of their parents.  

Um, it’s time to move Mommy and Daddy.  Find another country please.  I fear this one is quickly headed downward. 🙁

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