My manipulative skills are awesome!

I’m really starting to master manipulative situations and am so proud of myself. Soon I’ll best mommy on a regular basis. I succeeded the other night.

I went into the kitchen and:

Me: Mommy, I’m hungry.  May I have a snack?

Mommy: You can have a healthy snack.

Me: How about you make me a chocolate chip cookie?

Mommy: We don’t have any to make.

Me: What about the ones in the freezer?

Mommy: No, I’m not going to make a cookie.

Me: (Saying this with a big grin on my face since I thought I had Mommy manipulated into a corner because she said “make”) Okay.  How about these instead?  (I was pointing to a box of cookies on the counter)

Mommy gave in.  Go me!

I’m getting much better at playing the game.  I wanted the cookies on the counter the whole time but knew Mommy would have said no if I asked for them right away.  Soon I’ll figure out the means to accomplish all my devious goals! 🙂

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