Disney Halloween and Vacation Days

Last week I was off school/camp for 3 days for Rosh Hashanah so we headed over to Disney.

We stayed near property and enjoyed the mostly empty parks for a few days.

I LOVED the Triceratops Spin as normal. We played a few of the games and won a few new stuffed friends (PETS) for my house.


Then we headed Sunday night to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween.

There was virtually NO line for most rides. I refused to wear my costume on the rides telling Mommy it was too hot, which it was. With most of my costume off I looked like a generic Peter Pan. I made Mommy go on the carousal with me.


We never got a good family picture because Emmerson was in sleep mode in the Bjorn strapped to Daddy. Mommy took me trick-or-treating while Emmer-Bemmer slept. Mommy, Daddy and Emmerson had matching shirts that Mommy and Daddy made.

I really wanted a picture with Pleakly from Lilo and Stitch, my latest obsession as you may know!


The next day I really wanted to get a picture with Stitch. At the Halloween party they had a Stitch dance show but I never got to hug him. Mommy said she would go by guest services and find out when I could see Stitch the next day. She told the lady that “all he wants to do is give him a hug and he is sad that he didn’t get to”. Suddenly the lady from guest services disappeared and then came back with a piece of paper. It was FROM STITCH! He signed it and it had my name on it and he even gave me a Stitch pin!!! WOW, what a magical moment! 🙂

Anyhow, we headed the next morning to find Stitch. I waited patiently in line and got my pictures with Stitch.


I took some of my Stitch stuffed animals and all my Stitch pins (I am into pin trading now, but mainly for Stitch stuff!).


I gave him a BIG hug and told him I loved him! 🙂


We did a few more rides and Daddy realized that the camera wasn’t set right so we needed to find Stitch again just to be sure. We rode the tea-cups while Mommy corrected the camera setting and snapped a few pictures. Then we were off to find Stitch again.


We found him and while waiting to see him again, I went into TOTAL meltdown. I was so scared of Stitch (probably because I was tired!).

Yeah I was NOT pleased with this and it put everyone in a cranky mood.


I still wanted to see Lilo so after a break we headed to Animal Kingdom again to try to find her. After a bit of confusion we finally found her AND Stitch. This time I was eager to see them. I gave Lilo a kiss on the nose.


Then we all had a big ohana (family) hug! 🙂


We called it quits for the day and headed to the hotel to swim and then to Downtown Disney for the evening. The next day we hit EPCOT. I didn’t really want to ride in the stroller so I walked most of the day. I LOVED these little masks.


Okay, I loved them A LOT!


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