Lilo and Stitch Character Breakfast

Despite my many meltdowns on vacation we went to the character breakfast on the last day. I took my pins and my baby Stitch.


I was grinning from ear to ear watching Stitch go from table to table to say hi to the other kids. Soon it was my turn. I was really bashful!


But I survived… two thumbs up!


He stopped by for a quick thumbs up too!


Then Lilo came by. She is my girlfriend because she likes bugs.


She gave me a thumbs up because I have several Lilo pins as well on my lanyard! 🙂


I wasn’t fond of Mickey this time.


But I enjoyed getting up with Mommy and dancing. Probably because we were following behind Stitch most of the time.


Pluto freaked me out and even made Emmerson cry!


I had a fun time at the breakfast and was really glad to have a meal with Stitch and Lilo!

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