Potty Time… IS Excellent!!!

So I am in big boy underwear at home most of the time. I have pretty much mastered the pee thing. I wear underwear to bed at night. Although I am still massively paranoid about putting #2 in the potty. It is holding me back from lots of neat toys and Mad Science Camp at school. Mom and Dad finally gave up after two days of me just pooping in my undies. Oh well. I had an accident at Ikea in the kitchen section this weekend. Huge puddle! Oopsie! Mommy got me cleaned up and Daddy, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie waited for the maintenance man to clean the floor.

So that brings us to today. My normal routine is pee when I get up then in pull-ups for camp. Before I leave the house Mommy always makes me go pee. Well today I didn’t want to go but Mommy said I needed to go try. So in I went to the potty. A few minutes later I was screaming at the top of my lungs for Mommy and Daddy. I DID IT!!!! I put poopies in the POTTY! YEAH ME!!!! Everyone cheered and hugged and cheered some more. I got some of my “treasure box potty toys”. I put them in my room for after school and then wanted to wear underwear to school. Mommy dropped me off with a ton of clothes and a high five. I am a bit nervous because if i have a #2 accident at camp they CUT my undies off! Bye Bye cool Diego undies. Hopefully I do okay?!

Still, YEAH ME! I am growing up!

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