Why I Can’t Go To Bed

  • 7:30 Screamed from room “I need to go potty” (climbs out of bed)
  • 7:32 Out of bed and walking towards parents “My legs hurt, I can’t walk”
  • 7:33 “I need food because my legs hurt” (2 fruit strips provided)
  • 7:35 tucked back into bed
  • 7:37 Out of bed again, “My leg still hurts I need mangos” (mangoes provided)
  • 7:39 tucked in again
  • 7:40 out of bed “my leg still hurts, it needs new batteries and a healthy snack, how about chocolate?”
  • 7:42 compromised over a peanut butter puffed rice bar
  • 7:45 “I need a banana too!”
  • 7:46 compromised over a Scooby Doo Vitamin
  • 7:48 tucked in again
  • 7:49 Out of bed in bathroom drinking from faucet… BUSTED
  • 7:51 tucked under for hopefully the last time
  • 8:07 still babbling away about nothing but still in bed

So, as for the poppie in the potty, I was just kidding! Oh well… I didn’t do too well tonight after camp/school so I will be back in pull-ups tomorrow. Bummer! No Mad Science Camp for me! 🙁

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