River Play Near The Great Smokey Mountains

We were driving around the roads in the Great Smokey Mountains and came across a nice place to pull off and see the rapids and people rafting down.

Mommy stripped me to my t-shirt and diaper and let me play.


I really wanted to play in the water. But boy that THAT cold!


Daddy convinced Mommy and me to pose for this shot.


Mommy’s legs were FROZEN for a while.


I took just about every leaf and twig that I could find and fed it to the fish. Mommy & Daddy were enjoying watching the rafters on the river. Quiet often there was a person floating by with no raft. We couldn’t figure out why so many people were falling out?


My enjoying a stick!


After walking a bit more upstream we could finally see how the people were falling out of their rafts. They kept getting stuck on a HUGE rock.


I got all cleaned up and re-dressed. Mommy let me jump on a fallen log that was really bouncy before he hit the road again.


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