Emergency Room

Poor me! I was looking better after cooling down but I was still cranky. Considering how crappy we were treated in the ER , I guess we faired well. First, they got confused with our number (they called numbers instead of names). Then they lost us and another family in a hallway for nearly an hour. They finally got us in a room after Daddy raised cain. Then we just waited and waited and waited.

After 3 horrid hours at the emergency room of doom, we were finally given the diagnosis:

1) maybe it is viral?

2) maybe it is strep, we will call you if it is


I faired well coloring and playing with the buttons on the phone and all the fun looking emergency equipment.


After that nightmare and still not knowing what is causing the rash, that had now spread to my arm, legs and back, we headed to the hotel to try to sleep.

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