There has been a LOT of birthday partying going on around here lately.

Here is my CAKE from my family party.


I blew out the candle on the first try with VERY little spit on the cake!


Here is a picture of my new cool Animal Center from Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie.

I went to bed last week and I was two… I woke up and I was THREE!!!


As you know I am in LOVE with dinosaurs. I have been borderline obcessed with this blinky eyed dinosaur since I saw it at a friends house. I told Mommy I wanted a whole FAMILY of them. Mommy said no to that but I did get one for my birthday. Then at my BIG party I got another from a friend, Evie. My wish for a dino family came true!! YEAH!


Here are some of my Schleich animals.


My dino mold kit!


My new Belle doll. yes, boys can play with dolls! She sleeps up in my bed and I gave her “checkups” with my doctor kit!


Here are a few shots from my party this weekend. I will post more when I get them from Grandpa.

Hauling a bucket of dinos and water.


Daddy made these neat dinosaur eggs and Mommy hid them in the yard.

We all had fun hunting them.


Then cracking them open to find baby dinosaurs!!!


Hanging out inside playing with the new plastic dinosaurs.


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