New Playground First Kid EVER!

This is the old neighborhood playground. I have grown up here. I have had many boo-boos and fun times.


We have been watching for WEEKS as they build a new playground. It has been kept behind this chain-link fence. I ask all the time if it is open yet.


Today Mommy drove by and saw them taking out the old one and opening up the new one! She came in the house and told me what was going on and I got extremely excited. I was grinning ear to ear.


So we quickly grabbed the stroller and headed for the playground. I was the FIRST KID EVER to play at the new playground!!!! How cool is that!!!??? What a bragging right I have!


The new playground is beyond AWESOME! I can’t describe how much I LOVE it. There are tons of slides and things to climb. There is a board with sign language letters. A few tunnels. WOW AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!


It was thundering and raining tonight so I couldn’t go back after my nap. But tomorrow… I WILL BE THERE ALL DAY!!! If I can!

Actually Grandma Jo is coming over to play for a few hours so Mommy can actually get her haircut for the first time in 1.5 YEARS! Poor Mommy!

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