The BIG 3!!!

This morning I woke up and Mommy & Daddy came in and sang Happy Birthday to me. I got to open my presents from Mommy & Daddy. I got the “huge dinosaur with the blinky blinky eyes” that I have wanted “sooooo much”.

Last night I told Mommy & Daddy that, ” I wish I had got that catapult from the toy store the other day!” I seem to attach to things very easily lately and then remember about them hours, days or weeks later (Mickey waffles for one!). Well, after my gifts were open this morning Mommy said we were going to story time at the bookstore and then to Toys R Us to spend some of my birthday money. I figured Mommy & Daddy were just pushing off the toy store until I forgot about going. I looked at Daddy and with the biggest puppy dog eyes a kid can make said in my best whiney voice, “I am NEVER going to get that catapult.” Boy am I going to get away with a lot with that face! 🙂

We went to Toys R Us after story time, just like Mommy promised. I got a neat birthday balloon and crown. They also announced my name over the loudspeaker and said it was my special day! I thought that was really neat! 🙂

I just wanted to thank my family for the birthday money. I saved a little and the rest went towards these:

Schleich Catapult(photo from


Schleich ponies and a baby donkey(photos from

200806031421.jpg 200806031422.jpg 200806031420.jpg

Sammie the Puppy Animal Vet Kit(photo from

200806031423.jpg 200806031424.jpg

Thanks everyone!!!!

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