Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!

I love my present.  It’s a Schleich Animal Nursery (photo from


I immediately dumped my bucket of animals and started putting them in the stalls.  I had one of the Native American Indians doing a dance and singing around the nursery at one point.  Then, I decided it was a hotel for the animals and started giving them a place to sleep.  “Mommy and Daddy this is a *sleeping* hotel, not a *singing* hotel!”  (Okay!)  

I love this thing.  (Daddy kept saying how impressed with the quality and attention to detail and how having a rubberized roof helped out when I stumbled and caught my hand on the edge of the roof.)

I wanted to take it to bed with me but was willing to stuff it full of animals and let them go to sleep downstairs while I sleep in my tent.

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