Who Needs Sleep

Well, I was having a hard time unwinding tonight and getting to sleep. Daddy came in and said that I needed sleep in order to grow. I told Daddy that I didn’t want to sleep and he said then I wouldn’t grow. I then told Daddy that I didn’t want to grow. Daddy walked out and said fine. My “delaying” bedtime is becoming more of a habit lately.

Thirty minutes later I am screaming for Mommy. Scared! Terrified to fall asleep! Mommy asked why I was afraid to sleep. I told her that “I need to not sleep so I stay itty bitty. If I grow bigger my clothes won’t fit!” I said this to Mommy with tears in my eyes.

Mommy explained that sleep is important to give me energy to play at the playground and go to Gymboree. She tucked me in and sang me a song. ((The one where you go round and round… which is apparently “Hush little baby??”))

Daddy gets the next call… hopefully I can fall asleep before I have to wake up for the day.

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