Why Mommy Hates TV & Ikea

The other night, after a LONG day, Mommy was tucking me in and I didn’t want to go to sleep. I looked at Mommy , who wouldn’t get me more toys to play with in bed, and said:


Mommy walked out of my room crying and then spent a few days trying to figure out WHY I would say this and where I picked it up.

Mommy’s friend Miss Jamie came up with the answer!

Click on the link below to see why!


Apparently, this commercial just started running on TV. While I don’t watch much TV with commercials, while we were in Orlando, Mommy thinks I was exposed to this commercial!

Let’s just hope I am not 2 going on teen already!

Sorry Mommy for hurting your feelings. I didn’t know what it meant until you explained it to me. SORRY!

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