Disney Day 3

We went to EPCOT for the morning. I rode on the “Spaceship Earth” ride and that was about it. I was in a very touchy mood.

Mommy and Daddy wanted to listen to a “Green Gardening” seminar and I was fine at first but then hit my limit.


We got neat plants to bring home and put in the garden. I, however, came home and while Mommy and Daddy thought I was chasing a cat, managed to dump the dirt ALL over the dining room and hallway (HUGE MESS!!!!!).

Anyway, back to EPCOT. They have a neat playground themed with Peter Pan. I enjoyed ringing the bell and playing in the little house.

b ep

I also took all these wooden “plates” and set the table. It was a lot of fun.

b ep2

I took a nap but I was restless and cranky. Just not myself. Afterwards we went to Artist Point for dinner and I acted like a complete monster. Mommy finally gave up and just took me outside and enjoyed her dessert on the patio. All I was asked to do was to have ONE bite of food and I could have ice-cream… yeah… wasn’t gonna happen!!!

We went back to Downtown Disney and to the Virgin Mega Store afterwards where I just got to sit in my stroller and have NO fun since I behaved so badly at dinner. We called it an early night since we were leaving in the morning.

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