Disney Day 2

We got up early (after Daddy got in REALLY late from going home to fix the fishtank) and headed to DHS (formally MGM). I LOVED the Honey I Shrunk The Kids Playground.


Riding the ant was pretty neat.


I liked playing in the tunnels.


I got scared of a sniffing dog sound so I was done. We poked around until naptime and then I took a quick swim in the pool and headed for a nap. I actually took my nap. We went to play putt-putt since I was in such a great mood.

I eventually got the hang of it.


Mommy had a hard time golfing while Emmerson was strapped to her tummy. Plus these fish kept squirting water at me!!!


Guess what? I actually got a hole in ONE! No kidding!


Super Golfer!


Hanging in Santa’s sleigh after putt-putt.


We were all still happy and filled with energy after putt-putt so we raced back to Animal Kingdom so I could see some animals.

I loved my “BIRD MAP” and pointed out all the birds to Mommy and Daddy.


Daddy took a few (okay a LOT) of pictures.


We then raced to the jungle trek and the gorillas were heading in for their baths and naps.

This one was yawning not growling!


I rode the dino ride and played over in the playground for a bit again. Daddy won me these stuffed dinos! 🙂


I was digging with Mommy and the announcement came on and boy was it LOUD! I started shaking and asked to go home.

b ear

We packed up and headed back to the hotel for bed. What a fun day!

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