Day 2 of swimming refresher

Today was…better? I was excited to go to the pool, until it was time to get out of the car. Mommy unbuckled me and I buckled myself back up and REFUSED to get out! After MUCH coaxing, Mommy got me out and changed into my swim suit. I was fine then. Walked right over and sat on the edge and dangled my feet in the pool. Once it was time for my lesson, i started screaming bloody murder again. I made a break for the stairs and tried to escape.


I would swim under water, float and do whatever was asked. Then I would let out a horrid scream and then go back to being fine. I kept telling Miss Patricia “I want to go under water!” Then when I came back up for air I would scream “I DONT WANT TO GO UNDER WATER!”


My ten minutes in the water was up. I cuddled with Mommy in my duck towel. Then informed Mommy that “I am going to go quack around the pool, be right back!” Off I went flapping my arms and quacking. When I was done we left. I got in the car and asked if we could come back tomorrow!?

Trauma? NAaaaa.

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