Swimming Time Again

Today was my first day back in the pool for my ISR (Infant Swim Resources) lessons. I splashed around on the steps, very eagerly, while waiting for Miss Patricia to get there. I nearly jumped in when she got in the pool. Then my panic set in. I started screaming “Let me swim to my MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMY!” I did everything asked of me in the pool and actually remembered a LOT from last year. Only drawback was every-time I came up for air I would start into an air-raid siren type scream. So basically I was screaming the ENTIRE lesson except when I was under water! Just like last year! 🙂

After I got out of the pool I wanted to stay and watch the other kids for a bit. I told Mommy “I had fun kicking and swimming, thank you!” and also told her “Tomorrow I won’t scream so much, mmmm’kay?”

Mommy said, we will see what tomorrow brings. Either way I know these lessons could save my life so I know I have to do well. Mom explained that the faster I remember my skills and show Miss Patricia the faster we are done with lessons.

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