31 Cent Scoop Night

Tonight was Baskin Robbins 31 cent scoop night to benefit firefighters.

I had 2 scoops… chocolate chip and strawberry.

Daddy had 5 scoops… lots of chocolate and peanut butter.

Mommy only went with 4… Chocolate chip, cherry jubilee, mint chip and York Mint.

Daddy wasn’t paying attention and I opted for his instead!


I had a LOT of fun… Stealing DADDY’S ice cream!


Who Needs Sleep

Well, I was having a hard time unwinding tonight and getting to sleep. Daddy came in and said that I needed sleep in order to grow. I told Daddy that I didn’t want to sleep and he said then I wouldn’t grow. I then told Daddy that I didn’t want to grow. Daddy walked out and said fine. My “delaying” bedtime is becoming more of a habit lately.

Thirty minutes later I am screaming for Mommy. Scared! Terrified to fall asleep! Mommy asked why I was afraid to sleep. I told her that “I need to not sleep so I stay itty bitty. If I grow bigger my clothes won’t fit!” I said this to Mommy with tears in my eyes.

Mommy explained that sleep is important to give me energy to play at the playground and go to Gymboree. She tucked me in and sang me a song. ((The one where you go round and round… which is apparently “Hush little baby??”))

Daddy gets the next call… hopefully I can fall asleep before I have to wake up for the day.

Why Mommy Hates TV & Ikea

The other night, after a LONG day, Mommy was tucking me in and I didn’t want to go to sleep. I looked at Mommy , who wouldn’t get me more toys to play with in bed, and said:


Mommy walked out of my room crying and then spent a few days trying to figure out WHY I would say this and where I picked it up.

Mommy’s friend Miss Jamie came up with the answer!

Click on the link below to see why!


Apparently, this commercial just started running on TV. While I don’t watch much TV with commercials, while we were in Orlando, Mommy thinks I was exposed to this commercial!

Let’s just hope I am not 2 going on teen already!

Sorry Mommy for hurting your feelings. I didn’t know what it meant until you explained it to me. SORRY!

Disney Day 4- The End

Mommy & Daddy got up early and packed the mini-van. We headed to Magic Kingdom to wrap up our fun-filled vacation.

We got there right as the park opened so there was a VERY short line for the Dumbo ride. I think besides the dino-spinning one this is my FAVORITE! Only a 15 minute wait and I was happy!


Mommy then whisked me to the carousel then Daddy whisked me off to the Snow White ride (SCARY!)After the scare on the Snow White ride, Daddy took me back on the carousel. I was happy again.


We then went over to Tom Sawyer’s Island. I really enjoyed playing there with Daddy and Mommy.


Playing Pirate!






I started to get tired and not listen to Daddy and run away. This caused his iPhone to go flying down a flight of stairs. I was in trouble! this is the second iPhone that I have had a direct role in breaking.

Needless to say it was the end of the day and we headed to the car to get home before nap-time.

After nap we all went up to Grandma and Grandpa’s house so Daddy could work on the fish tank and Mommy could do laundry. (Karma=TONS of laundry from vacation and prior and our dryer BROKE!!!) Thank goodness for family and un-used washers and dryers!

I spent my time sorting out food onto my new play plates from Ikea.